15 Tips for Maintaining Classroom Momentum Before Thanksgiving

by | 11.9.16

Let’s face it, everyone—teachers and students alike!—is looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday break. But how can you keep momentum going in your classroom when students are distracted by daydreams of turkey and pumpkin pie?

We asked Teacher2Teacher community members to share how you keep students on-task and motivated prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. Read on for 15 teachers’ responses and share your own below!

  1. “I asked my students what they wanted to learn and created some units around that. Came up with some great stuff.”—@piptinning
  2. “Don’t have ‘easy’/’nothing’ days right before break; make it clear you’re learning up until break starts.”—@hotspurjp
  3. “Keeping momentum this time of year requires engaging lessons with inquiry, creation, collaboration and problem solving.”—@jessica_reddout
  4. “Pop quizzes help keep your students on their toes.”—@Maccamom54
  5. “A big project for an end of a unit. Students bring items from home before break. Plot and plan and catalog in teams. Then make it happen.”—@principalMacri
  6. “Cook food with students, share with others; use fractions and multiply, mixtures and energy, read recipes, learn life skills.”—@Musicbearedu
  7. “PBL [project-based learning] projects on early America! They are pumped.”—@mrslaurenritter
  8. “Build off of student inquiry. Students who engage in inquiry don’t have to be ‘convinced’ to focus in class.”—‏@bettany_v
  9. “Planning lots of celebrations and presentations of our learning and getting students pumped about creating great work to share!”—‏@AnikaTeneRich
  10. “Setting up Skype dates with authors keeps my kids motivated and engaged.”—@IowaAmber
  11. “Exciting applications of learning, such as building and testing catapults.”—@clausensci
  12. “High-interest, high-engagement, project-based learning.”—@JenniferLLeip
  13. “Make your lessons holiday-themed!”—@Dietrichucation
  14. “I usually have students gearing up and working on student-led conferences to keep up energy!”—@LizaRickey
  15. “Insert fun!!! If you aren’t having fun, the students won’t either.”—@themathdancer

How do you keep students motivated and on-task in before Thanksgiving break? Share your best tips in the comments below!

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