What Do You Hope Your Students Remember?

by | 06.20.18

Over the course of the school year, educators like you have shared so many thoughtful lessons and insights with this community. Through it all, you’ve kept your focus on what matters most: being the best teacher you can be for your students.

Now, after reflecting on the year, here’s what teachers like you say they hope their students’ biggest takeaway from their time together is …

  • “Mistakes are when the learning happens!” —Teacher Miki Rindt
  • “I want them to always remember to work hard, be okay with failure, and to get back up and keep trying. Of course, I want them to remember lots more, but you said just one. 😉” —Educator Aimee Pridgeon Skipper
  • “[I want them to have] confidence and courage to step out of their comfort zone!” —Teacher Lisa Mangiarelli Ogden

  • “To be kind to their family, to their friends and especially to strangers. It is the small acts of kindness that will bring them happiness.” —Educator Cynthia Lamas
  • Mutual respect and understanding for the opinions, cultural differences, races, and religions of others so they can continue to open their minds to learning and make this world a better place for everyone.” —Educator Joan Lerman
  • “To be insatiably curious and engage positively with the world. To be kind.” —Educator Pati Skinner Williams

  • “That I am proud to be their teacher. Each one of them will hold a special place in my heart!” —Educator Mary Smith
  • That I cared about them, worried about them, and was thrilled by every achievement big or small.” —Educator Diane Peterson
  • “To give your best and to never be afraid to ask for help. And that I love them all dearly!” —Teacher Sherie Worthey Varney

  • “That they are capable of being a force for change at home, in their communities, and in the world.” —Teacher Sabrina Creen
  • “To be aware – aware of their importance, aware of their own gifts, aware of everything around them every day, so that life will bring them the best as they give their best!” —Educator Janice Lamphere
  • They hold a very important place in this world. Within them lies something that NO one else can offer. Seek it. Find it. Share it.” —Educator Cassie Brooks
  • We made a difference together. I became a better teacher, and they became better lifelong learners and people.” —Educator Chris Hopkins

What do you hope your students carry out of your classroom and into the rest of their lives? Leave a comment right on this blog post, or let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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