#DearTeachers: You Are Enough. We Are Going to Hold Each Other up Through This.

Amy Campbell

by | 05.7.20

Amy Campbell is a teacher in Washington. Follow her on Twitter @The_MrsCampbell.

I woke up the other day, and I almost put dish soap in my coffee. I am a functioning person – really. Usually. But right now, we’re in a pandemic – we’re living and working through a traumatic experience. It’s important for us to recognize when we are in an anxious place, and to acknowledge that we need each other more than ever. 

We need to keep remembering that our difficult feelings are very real and very valid. What’s happening will affect me differently than it will affect you, and we will experience different challenges – but we are all affected. We need to have grace for each other and for ourselves. 

In my school community, collaboration has become key. Just like relationships are key for our students, my professional relationships are paramount right now: relationships with my job-alike peers, with the people who serve my students alongside me, with administration – with all those teams of people. 

Because, to get through this, we’re going to need to hold each other up. We’re all going to have moments where we’re anxious or scattered or panicky. When you’re working through those tough moments – when you’re figuring out the implications of all this, and what it’s going to mean for you, for your students, for your own family – I want you to know that your fellow teachers have your back.

I want to tell you, dear teachers, that you are enough. You are doing the right things. And it’s okay to need each other. 

We have to be each other’s support, so we can have those days where we almost put dish soap in the coffee, and trust that other teachers are going to hold us up and say, “It’s okay. We all have those days. How can I help you?”

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