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Why I Start the School Year With a ‘Starbooks Cafe’

by | 7.24.19

The majority of my scholars say they don’t have books at home that are relevant to their interests. They tell me they don’t think there are many books out there that they can connect with. That’s why I start the school year with a special event, which I call our ‘Starbooks Cafe.’

How I Build Community with ‘Smiles and Frowns’

by | 5.16.19

I wanted a daily way to check in with kids, so I started a practice called ‘smiles and frowns.’ I started off this year telling kids, ‘There’s nothing more important than the humans in the room, so we start with the humans in the room.’

3 Creative Ways to Build Empathy in the Classroom

by | 4.4.19

I am known as a warrior of social-emotional learning. I always say my teaching puts SEL first – and empathy is a critical component. People ask me all the time how I build empathy in the classroom. The answer is one day at a time, one experience at a time, with great intention, focus and practice.