What is ECET2?

ECET2 stands for Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers. It was born out of a desire to provide a forum for exceptional teachers to learn from one another and to celebrate the teaching profession.
ECET2 Sizzle Video

Nearly 200 educators attended the first national ECET2 convening in 2012. Since then, energized teachers have organized regional convenings to inform and inspire colleagues at home, develop attendees’ leadership potential, and hone their craft.

ECET2 seeks to realize a teacher’s potential by ensuring each convening aligns with its six key beliefs:

  1. Nurturing trust among teachers
  2. Focusing on each teacher’s potential for growth
  3. Inspiring both the intellect and the passion that drives teachers in their work
  4. Providing time for collaboration and learning
  5. Putting teachers in the lead
  6. Recognizing teachers as talented professionals

As of the end of 2015, there have been 5 national convenings, 111 regional convenings in 27 host states, and over 19,000 teachers who have attended an ECET2 event.



ECET2 national convenings are periodically held around the country. The convening agenda features workshops focused on teacher leadership and innovative instructional practices to support great teaching practice. All teachers who attended are asked to share what they learned with teachers back home, in collaboration with colleagues they met at the national convening. Attendees are invited to attend from past teacher attendees. The 2016 national convening took place in San Diego, CA from January 29-31. Click the “ECET2 2016 San Diego” folder above to see resources for the event.


Teachers across the country are organizing regional and local ECET2 convenings in their communities with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. These convenings help teachers collaborate with, learn from, and support one another, which improves their ability to support students. All are by teachers, for teachers.

Planning and hosting an ECET2 convening that embodies the ECET2 network’s core values can be extraordinarily rewarding, both for those who develop the convening and for those who attend. While creating a successful event requires significant thought and effort, the basic process is straightforward. The Guidebook for Planning and Hosting ECET2 Convenings describes the 10 steps needed to host a successful event. You can download it in the resources section above.