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Teacher2Teacher Team

by | 05.2.16

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! To celebrate, we are elevating your voices by sharing your #whyiteach moments. In last week’s slowchat hosted by teachers Lyndsay Nottingham and Sarah Thomas, we asked for your #whyiteach story…in poem form to honor the end of National Poetry Month! Read on for seven of the Teacher2Teacher community’s responses and share your own in the comments below.

1. “They follow, I lead. I guide, they read. In time, they grow. Some fast, some slow. Set goals, they reach. I know, #whyiteach”—@DarrenLukenbill

2. “Teaching is reaching is so many ways
it’s inspiring & guiding each and every day!
It’s a gentle touch
or a redirection
it’s patience, understanding
while you make those connections.
It’s that feeling you get from those ah-ha moments
when the spark’s been ignited
and it all starts to make sense.”—@rhoge2013

3. “’Cause every student
Deserves to feel safe and smart.
It’s a work of heart!”—@SJNeill13

4. “Child born with a spark
Fearing it may be snuffed out
We must fan the flame”—@KConner1213

5. “Influence a life
Encourage growth and knowledge
Not just theirs, but yours—@blisslike

6. “All students should know
That someone cares about them
This is why I teach!”—@PKCarr66

7. “Thinking, exploring
Giving young minds the freedom
To grow wings and fly”—@agentlaurasmith

Join us and download your own #whyiteach toolkit here to share stories from your community!

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