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by | 05.12.16

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There is so much to appreciate about teachers, from your long hours on the job to the care and compassion you extend to students daily. But those who aren’t in the profession don’t always know how much heart and how much work goes into a typical day in the classroom.

In last week’s Teacher Appreciation Week slowchat hosted by teachers Lyndsay Nottingham and Sarah Thomas, we asked what you wish more people appreciated about the teaching profession. Read on for 15 of the Teacher2Teacher community’s responses and share your own in the comments below.

  1. “I think about my job and students 24/7. We as teachers put others first and are always working to help others.”—@mlaforgia1
  2. “I wish teachers appreciated each OTHER more. Look for encouragement and inspiration from one another! So many heroes around you.”—@MsZenTech
  3. “The time spent to differentiate and engage our students.”—@NspirLives
  4. “I wish more people appreciated all of the multi-tasking we have to do every single second of the day. #150kids”—@vmor726
  5. “The effort that we put in to make sure that each student’s individual needs are met!”—@teach_element
  6. “I wish more people appreciated the importance of early childhood education/educators! All students need a solid start.”—@assyla__
  7. “All the extra hours that we put into making our lessons special so that the students remember them!”—@rcastleberry12
  8. “I wish people would appreciate the intricacy that is teaching—it really is quite a craft, full of knowledge, and energy and heart.”—@dcrescitelli
  9. “Amount of CARING that’s put into every minute of every day. Inside and outside the classroom.”—@PopIntoFourth
  10. “I wish people would understand that a teacher never turns it off. We are always reflecting on how to do and what to do for our students.”—@LisaKraiza19
  11. “I wish more people appreciated that teachers do more than teach. We support, lead, encourage, motivate, challenge and cultivate students each day.”—@anna_verdon
  12. “I wish people understand I am constantly learning and improving myself to bring exciting content to my classes.”—@meywong
  13. “Teachers are partners in raising our kids. More eyes, ears, hearts & perspectives to help our bebes grow.”—@MaestraOlivia
  14. “I wish more people knew just how much we have no comfort zone when it comes to reaching their children. We will do anything.”—@RockwellVicki
  15. “Teachers want kids to learn at their own pace in their own way. They are people—not numbers.”—@excluded_blog

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