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by | 09.12.16

Now that the new school year is well underway, how are you making your lessons—and classroom—culturally responsive? In last week’s slowchat, hosted by teachers Lyndsay Nottingham and Sarah Thomas, we asked you to share your top culturally responsive teaching tips. Read on for 10 of the Teacher2Teacher community’s responses and share your own in the comments below.

  1. “Survey each culture represented in your class. Start communicating with parents, admins, community to welcome, include, celebrate each other.”—@EdLevate
  2. “My English IV class offers a diverse mix of lit – purposefully chosen with heroes from different cultures.”—@jennymacwalker
  3. “First, follow Gloria Ladson-Billings [GLB]… start here: ‘Culturally Relevant Pedagogy 2.0: a.k.a. the Remix.’—@MrsTessMath
  4. “I talk explicitly about examples of racism in the world or in materials we are reading, so that students hear that the teacher knows it exists.”—@Educate2day941
  5. has great cultural resources and a free inclusive kit to incorporate. Celebrate culture!”—@SteffSchoolCoun
  6. “Culturally responsive teaching starts with listening. I use #socraticseminar #council #googleforms & #JupiterGrades forums.”—@johnnyslaves
  7. “Explore concepts from multiple perspectives, equitable ways for kids to share POVs.”—@MaestraOlivia
  8. “We used the compass from @PacificEdGroup‘s Beyond Diversity for courageous conversations about real issues.”—@MsD_iIntegrate
  9. “Respect each student’s story and recognize that differences aren’t deficits. #empathy #positiveregard #appreciation”—@darylhowardphd
  10. “STUDENT VOICE! Create opportunities for students to share their lived experiences from their communities.”—@MsMathies

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