Slowchat Highlights

by | 09.26.16

Teacher2Teacher is a community that shares effective practices and innovations so educators can connect and grow together.

Have you ever had a #LightbulbMoment about your teaching practice? In last week’s slowchat, hosted by teachers Lyndsay Nottingham and Sarah Thomas, we asked you to share those #LightbulbMoment–like, effective teaching methods you’ve landed upon that relate to community—from mentorship to networking, collaboration to colleagues. Read on for seven of the Teacher2Teacher community’s responses and share your own in the comments below.

    1. “Synergize and expand on each other’s strengths! Create collaboration between classrooms and students within those classrooms.”—@MrsWarren_RM121
    2. “Seeing co-teachers move from “What role do you play” to “How do we do this as a team”?”—@RobSahliAP
    3. “Had a #LightbulbMoment as I caught myself blaming my lack of reaching my full potential on lack of mentoring. No more excuses!”—@1_esprit_vif
    4. “My #LightbulbMoment around community came when I started morning meetings with my 1st graders. Whole different classroom!”—@ScholarSnyder
    5. “Mentored colleague takes walk-through suggestion about modeling, does in classes and promotes it in grade-level meeting.”—@theologyguy
    6. “Find ways to cross content from one subject to another. Show relevance between subject areas and increase repetition of material.”—@Ms_MariaLeigh
    7. “On a senior trip the IB music teacher and I got to talking. Connections emerged and we collaborated on a unit using flipped.”—@iCoder1978

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