8+ Ways to Motivate Yourself on Difficult Days

by | 10.24.16

Let’s face it: No matter how much you love your students, colleagues and job, it’s not always easy to motivate yourself to head to work. Particularly when the days get shorter and you’re commuting before dawn!

How do you counter gloomy days and low energy? We asked the Teacher2Teacher community members to share how you motivate yourself every morning. Get inspired by these teachers’ responses and share your own!

  1. “Music is such a great motivation for me; the perfect song will get my day started on the right path.”—@jessica_reddout
  2. “Coffee and #BFC530 [Twitter] spark chat (5:30 a.m. in each time zone); loud, upbeat music during commute; do something to make someone else’s day!”—@crockow8
  3. “I motivate myself each morning by writing down three gratitudes on my shower notepad!”—@mrsfrauendorfer
  4. A great way to wake up via @aliraeosborn:

Need a little visual reminder to help brighten your day? Check out these inspiring quotes from your fellow teachers (and pass them along to a colleague who might need a boost!)

Plus, read these additional tips, quotes and ideas to help you stay motivated and energized:

How do you motivate yourself in the morning? Share your best tips in the comments!

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