7 Treasured Items From Teachers’ “Time Capsules”

by | 12.13.16

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So many of you opened yourselves up and shared the items you hang onto and tuck away for later – a personal “time capsule” of cherished memories and notes. You’ve said these little things reignite your love for what you do and serve as reminders of why you answered the call to teach.

When we emailed to ask what you keep, we were blown away by the memories and mementos you shared! Here’s a look at seven of the replies teachers sent us, sharing what they hold onto in their time capsules:

  • “I keep letters and cards that students [have] written to me and pictures in my folder. Whenever I get discouraged I go back to those letters to show me … my purpose.” —Teacher Cedric Lenox
  • “Letters or emails from other persons who work in the same difficult field … thanking me.” —Educator Tamara Ratley
  • “My most prized possession … is a letter from “Who’s Who Among High School Teachers” informing me that one of my students had nominated me for this honor. That student had just recently passed away from bone cancer. She never told me that she had nominated me. I still cry when I think about this, what an honor.” —Teacher Patricia Leach
  • “I place all my student thank-you notes/letters and even [an] apology note on my board in my office.” —Educator Jane Lee
  • “When I retired, my advanced class … gave me a chain and pendant with the Latin words ‘Te Amo’ = I love you.” —Teacher Janet Keating
  • “I have a small rock with ‘inspire’ on it. It usually travels in my pocket.” —Teacher Angela Yeasayer
  • “I keep a file from parents that write nice emails about something specific that I did.” —Teacher Adam Myman

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