My Mini-Lesson to Inspire Positive Math Identities

by | 7.22.22

One day, a teacher I was working closely with commented on students’ lack of willingness to engage: “How do you get kids to engage? It’s not realistic to constantly prompt them. How do I help my students feel like they’re capable of learning math? Some don’t engage and some get discouraged easily. How do I empower them to keep trying?”

Being My Authentic Self as a First-Year Teacher

by | 6.16.22

Remember: Just your presence in students’ lives is powerful. Having the confidence to be authentically yourself – and letting those kids see that you can be successful and confident as an outlier – speaks volumes to them. It sends the message that students can be themselves, no matter who they are. 

For Teachers: 5 Resources for a Tragic Moment

by | 5.26.22

We’ve gathered a handful of resources that may support your teaching in the days ahead – but first, we want to remind you that just your presence makes such a difference for your students, especially now. We hope that even as you work to take care of your students, you will take care of yourself too.