Teachers: Take Time For Yourself This Holiday Season

by | 12.21.17

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This winter break, make some time for YOU! See what these nine educators are gifting themselves as they recharge this holiday season.

“Movies and self care: quiet time/playing basketball/massages/quality food!”
– Teacher Josh Parker (@MDTOY2012)


“Over the winter break, I will give myself the gift of making memories, and cherishing moments. My goal is to be present and engaged with those around me.”
– Educator Bethany Hill (@bethhill2829)


“Over winter break, I’ll give myself the gift of filling my to do list with all of my favorite things and people.”
– Educator Melissa White (@melissajkwhite)


“I’ll give myself the gift of renewed inspiration. At the end of the year, I’m tired and out of new ideas to lead the charge of education. Over the break, I give myself the gift of time to recharge, letting myself indulge, and reading to empower myself.”
– Teacher Andrea Bazemore (@BlackApple4edu)


“Over winter break, I’ll give myself the gift of relaxation: snuggles with my fur babies while I make a dent in my watch list.”
– Teacher Lacey Snyder (@lacey_librarian)


“Reading an adult fiction book! As a middle school English teacher, I just can’t seem to enjoy a good read during the school year!”
– Teacher Jeri Asaro (@JeriAsaro)


“Over winter break, I’ll give myself the gift of diving into some great books with diverse characters and rich stories.”
– Educator Todd Nesloney (@TechNinjaTodd)


“Reading for pleasure, writing, and listening to classic rock.”
– Teacher Dan Tricarico (@thezenteacher)


“Over winter break, I’ll give myself the gift of reading Star Wars and History books for fun.”
– Teacher Phil Strunk (@MrPStrunk)


Take some YOU time over the break, and we’ll see you in 2018!

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