Questions to Ask Students & Families About Their Distance Learning Experience

by | 07.5.20

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We’ve heard from you and your fellow teachers that connecting with students and family members to get feedback on the ups and downs of distance learning can be challenging.

What questions might you ask to get a sense from members of your school community of what’s working – and what could use some adjustment before the school year starts in the fall? Take a look at some suggestions shared by the T2T community, then comment with your own advice!

“What can teachers do to make expectations for assigned tasks more clear for families while at home?” —Teacher Nicole Ellis

“What worked well for your child? What experiences were the most meaningful? What was challenging? How can we best support your efforts at home?” —Teacher Kym Harjes-Velez

“What is working well? Working not well? What assignments take the most time? Which assignments should we keep? Which assignments should we change? Is anything too hard? Too easy?” —Teacher Mark Nechanicky

Do you have reliable internet? Are you in need of help with this service? What can we do to help?” —Teacher Monica Gomez

“What do you miss the most from actually being in class? What do you consider a suitable time for you to spend doing virtual school work? What kind of support do you need your teachers to provide you?” —Teacher Fida Khoury

“From your perspective, what do you think the school did well in regards to remote learning? What could have been done better? What would you like to see changed or what suggestions do you have for the remote learning platform in future?” —Teacher JayAnn

What was the reason you joined in and did your assignments? What did you really love and want to continue in the fall? What do you wish we didn’t do during distance learning?” —Educator Lisa Liss

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