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Teacher2Teacher Team

by | 09.19.16

Teacher2Teacher is a community that shares effective practices and innovations so educators can connect and grow together.

How can a new teacher build his or her teaching tribe to better collaborate and grow in the profession? In last week’s slowchat, hosted by teachers Lyndsay Nottingham and Sarah Thomas, we asked you to share your best advice for new teachers looking to build their personal learning networks [PLNs]. Read on for eight of the Teacher2Teacher community’s responses and share your own in the comments below.

    1. “New teachers can build their tribes through joining professional organizations and conferences. Say yes!”—@GruenTiff
    2. “Never fear asking questions! Instead of looking at it as, ‘I don’t know,’ think of it as, ‘If I ask I get smarter and will have answers!’”—@nmzumpano
    3. “Use Twitter to find resources and find people you have true rapport with so you can get honest feedback/advice.”—@Mr_EFisher
    4. “Advice to new teachers: engage with [a] variety of teachers. Elem/HS/PE, all have great best practices to share and can be great mentors. Branch out.”—@SJteaches
    5. “Share ideas over lunch, collaborate, observe each other, talk about what works and what doesn’t and why.”—@EGilrein
    6. “New colleagues: You’d be surprised to know how much your PD trainers care. They post email addresses, right? Keep in touch.”—@LaMenephee
    7. “For new teachers: Join Twitter to embrace new ideas and gain worldwide resources to help enhance your teaching methods.”—‏@jessica_reddout
    8. “Find a great mentor and soak up expertise. Ask for release time and observe others.”—@mrgrossbcs

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