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by | 07.12.17

For many in this community, summer is a time not only to reflect on the past year, but to look forward and carry insights and learnings to the one ahead. In that spirit of reflection, we asked you to share what kind of teacher you strive to be.

We received so many wonderful, thoughtful responses from your fellow educators about their goals and aspirations for their practice, and here are a just few we couldn’t wait to share:

  • “I strive to be a better teacher than I was yesterday, or last week, or last year. Embrace the role of lead learner in your classroom!” –@hysickscience
  • “One that teaches students the difference between fair and equal – fair means everyone gets what they need – and helping them each to discover what he/she needs to succeed.” –@arcau2123
  • “A teacher that makes our newcomers feel welcomed and safe. Learning English is hard. I want my students to feel like they can take chances and grow in their new home.” –Kerri Kertesz Mack
  • The teacher that students feel connected to. I want my students to feel important and cared for when they’re in my classroom. I also want to be the teacher that challenges students to think and learn about their potential while developing the skills in the curriculum. Most importantly, I want to be the kind of teacher kids remember for the right reasons.” –Tatiana Esteban
  • “I’ll be a first year (in the classroom) teacher in August. I’m hoping to bring my love for nature and experience teaching science in outdoor settings into the classroom. I’m hoping to instill a love of learning and natural phenomena as well as help my students realize they are already scientists.” –Stephanie Michele Ayzner
  • “I strive to be a teacher that sees the potential in every student and provides them the guidance to believe in and reach their potential.” –Meagan England
  • “To be remembered as a teacher who held high expectations for all and helped all students grow to heights they thought they couldn’t reach.” –Janette Schroeder
  • “I strive to be the teacher that builds memories and growth mindset with my students. I would like my students to remember me as the one that pushed them to not settle, but to know a productive struggle is a good thing.” –Tika Levitzky Epstein
  • I want to make learning so relevant that students never have to ask, ‘Why do we have to learn this?’” –Darbie Valenti
  • “I want to motivate my scholars to strive for greatness inside and outside the classroom!” –@mamatluvsthekids
  • “I strive to be one that always puts children first. When that stops, I do too.” –Carrie Warnecke
  • “The kind who centers student voices and teaches them to be agents of change.” –@M0re.adventurous
  • “I want to create an environment that students can’t wait to enter and will never forget. I want to change their attitudes about science.” –Angela Mutter
  • “My first thought was an ‘evolving’ teacher always.” –Shari Munson
  • “A teacher who makes memories they never forget, makes them smile, makes them love coming to school and helps them reach academic goals they never thought possible!” –Linda Jones Doherty
  • On her blog, teacher Orly Mondell responded and shared that she wants to be a responsive teacher:

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