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by | 08.3.17

As summer winds down and your anticipation for the school year amps up, we wanted to share some pearls of wisdom you’ve offered one another.

First-year teachers have posed questions about making the most of year one, and veteran teachers have responded generously and thoughtfully – with reminders from which everyone can benefit. Dig in, then comment with advice you’d add!

  • Ask other teachers for support. Do not be an island. Twitter is a great place to ask for help. … I hope you have a supportive mentor.” – Teacher Alana Gilliam
  • “Remember to take time for you! You can’t meet the needs of your students when you’re drained. Nurture yourself. You’ll be a better teacher for it!” – Educator Beth Keefer
  • “If possible, check out your assigned students online. I had several that were shocked that I knew their names the first day!” – Educator @MrsJBroadwell

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  • “Show parents [you] see them as allies (not adversaries) and be upfront in making sure they know you want to develop open communications with them.” – Teacher John Mead
  • “Give out notecards and ask parents to answer the prompt, “What do you want me to know about your child?” – Teacher Kyle Salkin
  • “I always have a sign-in sheet at the front when [families] walk in. Get an email address so you can email them later and thank them for coming.” – Teacher Catherine Massino

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  • “Find mentors to guide you throughout your journey. Mentors are important, not only your first year but your entire career.” – Teacher Meagan England
  • “Don’t stress about making ‘perfect’ lesson plans – they don’t exist and rarely go as planned!” – Teacher @classchatblog
  • “Relationships will make or break you as a teacher. Kids will work tirelessly for someone that cares about them!” – Teacher Ms. Cave
  • “Fail forward. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to admit a lesson was a flop or that you could have responded better with students’ issues.” – Teacher Morgan Kirkpatrick

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  • “Figure out what works for you. … I learned by doing everything the wrong way first.” – Teacher Shannon M.
  • “Always let what is best for students guide your decision making.” – Teacher Jeff Crayton
  • You are only one person. Try not to stay in superhero mode all the time (second year teacher and STILL trying to find a balance!).” – Teacher Deanna Burkett

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