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Building a culture of curiosity that lasts all year

by | 10.15.21

I used to start the year with a massive slideshow about myself. But over time, I realized: Of course my students want to know who I am, but they want to learn about me through the way I interact with them, and through our authentic conversations. 

Shifting the Focus From Grades to Growth

by | 9.16.21

Last school year, I had a student who told me near the end of the semester, “I think I have a C.” I could see in her work that she was earning a high B or even an A. I asked why she thought she had a C, and she said, “Well, I’m just a C student in English. That’s what I always get.”

Building Equity and Sustainability into an Uncertain Fall

by | 8.9.20

I always think back-to-school planning is a great time to challenge myself and grow as a teacher – but this year, the challenges are already built in! My school community is going to start the year 100% online, and then move into a hybrid plan as soon as conditions allow – so there’s a lot to think about.