4 Ways To Celebrate Pi Day – No Matter What Subject You Teach!

by | 03.9.23

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Pi Day is just around the corner – and it’s not just for math teachers! Pi Day is a chance for the type of playfulness and celebration that can help promote a positive, school-wide math culture.

Any way you slice it, Pi Day promises fun. As you plan ways to celebrate Pi Day this year, check out inspiration from four fellow educators below.

1. Pi Day Puzzle Fun

Teacher Sarah Carter piques students’ curiosity with a “Puzzle of the Week” – and she posted the Pi Day puzzle early to get ahead of spring break. If you want to puzzle this one out with your own students, check out Sarah’s template.

2. March Madness Meets Pi Day

March Madness meets National Pi Day for Pie Madness! In teacher Ms. W’s culture-building game, students nominate their favorite pies and then vote in fun matchups.

3. Math Makes the World Go Round Wall Display

Pi Day is the perfect time to celebrate the power of math! Every student mathematician makes their own circle, and each is an important link in teacher Erin Murphy Scott’s Pi Day celebration chain.

4. Pi Day Poems

If Pi Day puts you in a poetic mood, educator Eric Curts’ poetry templates are for you. Invite your students to count syllables, play with rhythm and familiarize themselves with the digits in pi!



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