8 Teaching Lessons Learned This Year to Take Into Next

by | 05.17.16

Another year of teaching is almost over! Whether you’ve been a teacher for two years or 20, you likely will be reflecting on the past year as you prepare for the last day of school. We want to know: What tips, best practices or ideas did you learn this year that you’ll implement in your classroom next year? We asked the Teacher2Teacher community for their responses; read on for eight and share your own in the comments below!

  1. “Giving students the chance to apply learning to something they’re passionate about with #geniushour = huge buy in + amazing stuff!”—@spartacus289
  2. “Students don’t want easy. They want interesting and engaging with a personal connection.”—@Ayodele_Har78
  3. “I need to teach my HS students email etiquette. Many don’t know how and asked to be taught. Overlooked life skills.”—@SJNeill13
  4. “When students have to complete large projects, it’s better to put them inhomogeneous groups of skills.”—@MatthewRStover
  5. “Kids are visual and need to see info on walls every day! I’m re-doing my walls and packing them full of info.”—@msherrin1
  6. “What worked: establishing mastery and routines. What didn’t: planning too much to do at standardized test time.”—@redwoodgal73
  7. “My position next year is not yet certain, but whatever job I’m doing, want to help make learning joyful again.”—@mama2pearls1
  8. “BREAKS are needed for both student and teacher!!!!”—@Bro_Mykel

What lessons did you learn this school year to take into next? Share them in the comments!

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