11 Teacher-Tested Classroom Hacks

by | 07.25.16

July is winding down….which means back-to-school season is winding up! How are you going to make your 2016-2017 classroom as efficient, cost-effective and innovative as possible? The Teacher2Teacher community has some tips and tricks for you to try! We asked teachers to share their best classroom hacks; read on for 11 responses and share your own in the comments below.

    1. “Instead of Kleenex, install a toilet paper holder by [the] door. Kids know where to find it and can step out. Saves $!”—@SJNeill13
    2. “Use Velcro to hang things. That way when you have to take them down for testing or end of year, it is easy to put back up.”—@PhillyEagles10
    3. “Blue painter’s tape should be on every supply list. One roll [per] student; holds up work, subs for sticky notes and much more.”—@Boyd_STEM
    4. “Classroom hack: Wrote on your whiteboard with a marker other than an Expo? Use hand sanitizer to remove it.”—@oodlesofteach
    5. “Rubber bands around both ends of cords and duct tape and tools in desk drawer.”—@MrBartmas
    6. “Take an old TV stand and add a top that can be flipped from white board to chalkboard. Just did this yesterday. Whiteboard contact paper on the side of a shelf for posting info.”—@CorbellHiAk
    7. “Dollar store tablecloths make great bulletin board covers! They don’t fade and are easy to change.”—@srhulsman
    8. “8′ X 4′ Melamine sheets at home improvement store cut into 6 24″x32″ pieces–> ~$2 (interactive) whiteboards, for groups!”—@MR_ABUD
    9. “A well-known one… Expo over Sharpie removes Sharpie. Hair spray or nail polish remover takes Sharpie off plastic. Creating a duct tape border helps a Ziploc bag survive longer. Use different tape colors for different groups.”—@MrsKellySimon
    10. “Establish a ‘no fly zone’ near the front of the classroom to prevent students from crowding near the door before the bell.”—@acraneonw
    11. “Insects that come in instantly become our class pet, Pet Fly. Students calm down and forget about it. Back on task!”—@amanda_clairet

What’s your best classroom hack? Share it with us in the comments!

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