8 summer learnings teachers will use this fall

by | 08.16.16

The long days of summer are starting to draw to a close and back to school is on the horizon! For many teachers, that means it’s time to wrap up summer conferences and extended professional development, and so we asked what new learnings from the summer you’ll incorporate into your classroom this school year. Read on for eight of the Teacher2Teacher community’s responses and share your own in the comments below.

  1. “[The] importance of a compassionate heart and open mind #empathy #seetheotherside.” —@gkneefox
  2. “I’m incorporating #geniushour this year! Started today when I met my 6th graders!”—@lesleybuckner
  3. “I will use skills-based strategies to ensure my lessons are student-centered.”—@lindseymstevens
  4. “Looking forward to teaching my students about growth mindset with @ClassDojo series.”—@MrsKellySimon
  5. “A perceived lack of time is actually a lack of clarity (via @KelliAlaina).”—@NotJANEtweets
  6. “Allow students to establish classroom ‘norms’ and expectations.”—@acraneonw
  7. “Using @OpenIDEO challenges as inspiration for PBL projects #designthinking.”—@imagucators
  8. “Enriching yourself is the key to enriching your classroom environment.”—@artroom211

What summertime learnings will you apply in the first few weeks of the school year? Share your ideas and resources in the comments below!

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