Sharing Tips for First-Year Teachers

by | 09.7.18

Teacher2Teacher is a community that shares effective practices and innovations so educators can connect and grow together.

As you settle into your brand-new school year, we wanted to pass along some of the valuable advice you’ve shared with each other over the past few weeks.

When it comes to making the most of year one, no one has more experience and insight than your fellow teachers. And whether you’ve been in your classroom for five days or 25 years, it never hurts to revisit the basics!

Take a look at some pieces of motivation and wisdom from the T2T community, then comment with advice you’d add!

  • You are a good teacher! Believe in your abilities and love those kiddos. Everything else will fall into place. —Teacher Lyndsay Nottingham
  • Take the help offered to you from the vets. It doesn’t mean they don’t believe in you and it makes your life easier! —Teacher Ashlee Laycock
  • Never ever forget your “why.” Teaching is tough. Some days you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world and others you’re barely staying afloat … that’s okay. However, no matter what you may go through always remember why you became an educator. Your “why” will be your foundation. —Teacher Rana Namouz
  • Even if you don’t see your impact in the 180 days you teach a child, it doesn’t mean you didn’t make one. Give your best every day. The payoff will come. —Educator Amie Dean
  • Share and encourage others to share resources and ideas. Work shared is work halved and even in your first year, you’ll have amazing ideas that others will want to use. —Educator Briannah Irene
  • Take your time and get to know your students. Making connections will generally produce desired results in the long run. When your kids know you actually care about them, they will care about what you think and expect from them. —Teacher Cristi Prenger
  • Observe! Stay calm. Talk with other teachers in the same field. —Educator Julie Larwood
  • Find one or two teachers at your school that you can be honest with and who can help you reflect on your practices. —Teacher Jeffrey Xa

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