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Teacher to Innovator

by | 5.16.17

“Exploring the world around us … is so important for students to be empathetic, empowered, critical thinkers.”

Teacher to Learner

by | 4.25.17

“When you make kids mad, or when you make their parents mad enough to drive over to school and talk to you, listen.”

Teacher to Leader

by | 1.12.17

“The best learning happens when we’re having these raw and relevant conversations and not just following a lesson plan.”

Teacher to Observer

by | 11.17.16

“The #ObserveMe sign says we’re a community of risk-takers brave enough to say, ‘Here’s what I want to know about my practice.’”

Teacher to Mindfulness

by | 10.17.16

“When you sit down to practice mindfulness, that’s a moment you’re taking for yourself to help replenish everything you give.”


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