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Why I Introduced a “Peace Corner” in My Classroom

by | 1.27.22

I know my students’ SEL needs don’t all just occur at the beginning of class. That’s why I set up a “Peace Corner,” where students can retreat any time they need a moment. I wasn’t sure how middle-school students would respond to this offering, but  I’m so glad I tried it. 

Empowering Students Means Affirming Every Voice – and Every Body

by | 4.23.21

As an educator, I care about empowering and inspiring for every single one of my students. In my teaching journey, I’ve learned a lot about using student voice and choice to promote student participation, justice and inclusion. These strategies and the role of social justice in my teacher training has influenced these values.

6 Co-Teaching Strategies for Remote Learning

by | 11.19.20

I’m teaching remotely this school year, and I miss being in the classroom. I miss seeing the kids every day. But one thing I’ve been really excited about is exploring new technologies and strategies – and helping my students explore them, too. And one big reason I’ve been able to do that this fall has been my strong partnership with my co-teacher.